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At Look ‘N’ Good, we know that curb appeal is one of the most important aspects of home ownership. Nothing makes a better first impression than precision cut granite steps and accent posts. There is more to granite structures than just their natural beauty as well. Granite structures are incredibly durable – capable of withstanding harsh weather cycles and chemical cleaning. We carry hitching posts, light posts, and posts for mailboxes, fences, signs and more. No matter what style or type you need, our seal of quality extends across all of our products.

If you’re thinking of using granite for your next project, give us a call to discuss the many different options available to you!


A well designed layout of pavers will completely transform your new patio or walkway. We also carry the necessary materials for beautiful custom stone retaining walls and stonework. We can install pavers in a variety of classic and modern patterns. Our suppliers manufacture the pavers we install with durability and customer satisfaction in mind. You can trust that your walkway, patio, or wall installed by our skilled team will look beautiful for years to come!

Have questions about our available paver options? Call us today and we would be happy to answer any questions for you!


Refresh your garden this Spring! Bring new life to your garden with a spread of fresh mulch and our selection of crushed stone this season. A good mulch will help maintain soil moisture and nutrient levels throughout the wet Spring and hot Summer and our quality stone adds structure. We offer mulch in bulk, and in several different wood varieties including all-natural options. Our inventory is always well stocked, but we also offer mulch and stone delivery to maximize convenience for our valued customers.

If you’re planning for your Spring gardening, give us a call today and place a bulk order or schedule a delivery!


Nothing beats a warm crackling fire during the cold Winter months in New England. We always have firewood on hand, and plenty of it! Stay warm this Winter, and prepare early. It is always a good idea to stock up on your supply of firewood early in order to give the wood enough time to properly dry and ensure a good, long, stable burn.

Short on wood? If you’re looking to stock up before Winter call us today about a bulk order!


The difference between your lawn and everyone else’s is the character and the small details you install to make it your own. That’s what turns a house into a home. At Look ‘N’ Good, we carry a wide selection of birdbaths, statues and planters to help homeowners complete their gardens and add a personal touch to their lawn. We carry high quality decorations, including Massarelli products, so you can be confident that you’re making a great investment.

Want to know more about our decorations? Call or stop by today, we’re happy to help!